Yaser – volunteer with a big heart

  • 21. Feb. 2023    
  • Michael Runge  
  • News

Yaser – volunteer with a big heart

With great dismay and regret we have been following the news from Turkey and Syria since the beginning of February. The rising number of victims after the earthquake as well as the hardship and suffering leave us dismayed and stunned. Our colleague Yaser will be providing help on the ground. 

Yaser has been working at Mister Spex since 2019. He is now Assistant Store Manager at the “pep Einkaufscenter” in Munich-Neuperlach. The 32-year-old was born in Syria and has lived in Germany since 2016. Since 2015, he has been involved with an aid organisation whose main focus is humanitarian aid in crisis regions in the Middle East. From mid-April, Yaser will be providing on-site aid in the epicentre region of the earthquake for a while.   

For Yaser, this is a matter of course: “I will first travel to Istanbul and afterwards on to the crisis area in Hatay province with my brother. Through the media reports, most people are aware of the situation on the ground. But I’m assuming the worst and expect it to be very depressing to see the scale of the disaster with my own eyes.” 

Yaser knows that not everyone needs to help on the ground to do their bit. Small donations from a large number of people are most efficient in the current situation. “It is important to help as soon as possible. The longer we wait, the worse things will get. Every cent helps at the moment. We have already been able to financially support 2,200 families who have to live temporarily in tents with our organisation,” he says. 

When he arrives in the crisis region, many things will be different than they are now: “We have two clear goals with our mission. First, we want to specialise in finding shelters for children who have lost their parents. They must be guaranteed a further school career. The other major goal is to rebuild destroyed infrastructure. We are already working to bring the affected areas back to a livable condition as soon as possible.” 

Recently, we encouraged our Spexies to donate together and pointed out different organisations. They all have the same goal: to help quickly. Yaser is happy about the power of community. He has received nothing but encouragement from our Spexies for his years of voluntary work alongside his job. “Mister Spex shows me again and again that it’s not just eyewear that we aspire to, it’s also about values that are lived. It makes me proud to be part of the team,” says Yaser.

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