Mister Spex Winter Market 2022

Mister Spex Winter Market 2022

Shortly before the second Advent, the time had come: we celebrated our Winter Market on the grounds of our logistics and distribution centre on Wohlrabedamm in Berlin-Spandau. Hundreds of Berlin colleagues warmed up in icy temperatures with delicious drinks and food and spent a wonderful time together.

Our staff had a choice of mulled wine, punch and other drinks at various stalls. There was also plenty of food to choose from, from roasted almonds to (vegan) burgers, it was all included.

Those who were cold despite the warm food on offer, could warm up by dancing in the foyer of our logistics and distribution centre. The DJ really fired us up and played Christmas classics by Mariah Carey and George Michael as well as current songs that got the mood boiling.

It was great that we could celebrate on our own courtyard for the first time. A special thank you to our orga team, without whom this beautiful Winter Market would not have been possible!



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