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Mister Spex Summer Party 2022

Finally, the time had come – after more than two and a half years, we celebrated together again and welcomed almost 500 Spexies from all departments, locations and countries.


Investing in your mental health

Corona, war, and climate are just three of the current issues that have us stuck in permanent crisis mode. Daily stress and global escalations can cause our emotional, psychological, and social well-being to falter – especially when the (inner) stress level is constantly high, mental health takes a hit. Before this happens, however, we can take remedial action and recharge our batteries before they are completely exhausted. For the term, mental health encompasses more than the absence of mental impairments and disorders such as exhaustion, burnout, depression, or cognitive impairment. Mental health also includes positive aspects such as well-being, job satisfaction, work engagement, and personal and work-related resources that we can positively influence. Together with a psychologist from our mental health support partner Openup, we hosted a virtual session to learn about the concept of mindfulness.


A language study trip to Belfast

The promotion of young talent is close to our hearts, so there are opportunities in all areas to get started at Mister Spex and gain valuable initial experience in working life. We also enable our trainees to take part in activities offered by vocational schools to make their training as multi-faceted as possible. For our apprentice optician Cassandra, this resulted in the opportunity to participate in a language trip to Belfast organized by her vocational school. She describes her experiences and impressions here.

A field report by Cassandra, trainee optician


“Clear positions are needed for consistent and entrepreneurial sustainability”

Interview with Constanze Burda, Lead Corporate Responsibility at Mister Spex

In a retail company like Mister Spex, which operates internationally, where products are shipped, people interact with each other and there is an automatic influence on our environment and our communication. Mister Spex has set itself ambitious goals and is pushing ahead with further development in these fields. At this point, the Lead of our Sustainability Department, Constanze Burda, describes her area of responsibility and her perspective on the topic of corporate responsibility in today‘s world.


Four reasons why omnichannel is the business model of the future

Our hearts beat digitally, but we live omnichannel. Mister Spex started selling glasses online 14 years ago. In 2016, we added the first local store in Berlin. And now we have opened our 50th store in Europe! In the following, we provide an overview of why omnichannel is the logical extension of a digitally-driven strategy for Mister Spex and why the combination of online and offline business is truly sustainable for companies.

By Mirko Caspar, Co-CEO Mister Spex

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