“That was a sign from the universe”

  • 27. Jul. 2022    
  • Judith Schwarzer  
  • Backstage

“That was a sign from the universe”

Customers decide where, how and when they shop with us – whether in our online shop or in one of our stores. Our customer service staff are there to help and advise them and support them with all their questions about their eyewear purchase. And the tasks, areas of application and development opportunities for agents in Customer Service are as varied as the people who work at Mister Spex. That’s why we’re looking behind the scenes with you and diving into our Mister Spex world – today with Manuel.

Manuel is a Team Lead in Customer Service and has been a Spexie since June 2018. Almost four years after starting at Mister Spex, he took over the commercial back-office team in March and is responsible for the topics of shipment and fraud. For example, if a parcel is lost or untraceable when being sent via one of our shipping partners or returned, has a good chance of ending up with Manuel’s team on the other end of the phone line. “Sometimes, the ordered glasses don’t find the right way to the customer. Then we go in search of the stray item with due diligence and commitment. It’s a bit like detective work,” he says and grins. In addition, the team also takes care of fraud cases and payment challenges.

Originally, Manuel wanted to become a train driver. What began with a toy train in his childhood days quickly developed into a passion and eventually led to an apprenticeship at Deutsche Bahn – a dream come true. Then Manuel was faced with shocking news: “During the aptitude test for acceptance into the profession, I was diagnosed with a red-green deficiency and immediately after the training it was time for me to get off of the locomotive,” says Manuel.

After his dream of becoming a train driver was dashed, Manuel worked for a while at an online office supplies retailer until he noticed a Mister Spex advertising banner with job offers in the subway. After a short search, it was clear that the requirements for Mister Spex customer service were very similar to his current job. Manuel says: “If that wasn’t a sign from the universe! I simply had to apply to Mister Spex. And less than two days later, I received a reply with an invitation to the career day. The career day in Customer Service serves as an initial introduction to the world of Mister Spex. Initial test phone calls and a short aptitude test give applicants a solid impression of the tasks that will be handled in Customer Service. Today, this day is usually conducted remotely in the form of video calls. We have applicants from all over Germany who don’t necessarily live in Berlin.

“Of course, new Spexies don’t have to go directly into customer contact,” Manuel explains. And he continues: “At Mister Spex, all colleagues receive appropriate training, which is structured in several stages. The advantage of this is that knowledge is acquired systematically, and the newcomers don’t have to learn everything in a three-week course. In many departments, there is also a mentor program, where new colleagues are accompanied and supported by employees in the first few weeks. We have had very good experiences with this kind of onboarding and are always happy to welcome new Spexies.”

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