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We are transforming the optical industry. Ready to join the revolution?

With our consistent digitalisation strategy, we have significantly changed an entire industry and established a new way of buying eyewear. We have created optimal links between contemporary e-commerce solutions and traditional brick-and-mortar retail. This success has come hand-in-hand with our rapid growth and makes us one of the most innovative employers in the industry.

It is particularly important to us that you would enjoy working with us. This includes the right hardware, the gym around the corner, support with moving, a subsidy for the local transport ticket, large kitchens for lunch breaks, rooftop terraces, and, last but not least, fair wages. Even more important than all that is the appreciation and respect we have for each other. That’s why we have taken our five corporate values to define our overall mindset. They give us a shared perspective on how we will continue to develop Mister Spex as a company and ourselves individually.


Our approach to New Work


We win
as a team

We can only win if we all work together. Each person has individual skills and talents that contribute to their specific role. But these work best when we complement each other in teams focused on open and creative cooperation that delivers results. We are proud that, despite our growth, we have been able to maintain a certain spirit from our early days as a start-up. In many departments, we have introduced a mentoring programme where newcomers are assigned a colleague to support them during their first few weeks on the job. We have a good time together at joint events, even outside of everyday work. In short, we're all for one and one for all!

We take

Taking responsibility for ourselves, for our team, and for the business is essential. Problems have to be solved and challenges need to be addressed openly. Because everyone can and should contribute to the continuous development of the company in the right direction. This does not require standard bankers' hours, but instead sufficient flexibility. Flextime and work-from-home are already familiar words for us. We know that needs differ and we will work with you to find the right solutions, even for our shift workers. There is also a children's room for parents and specialist care can be provided if required.

We stay

Standing still ultimately means going backwards. The will to continue developing creates the dynamic that is the basis for creativity and innovation. We have the courage to question things. We dare to turn ideas into reality. This creative hunger for (continued) development and new inspiration is what drives our growth. Our internal academy programme can help ensure that you get the necessary continuing education and further training.

We are open and give & take feedback to learn

For us, communication is the key to individual development and an essential strength as a team. Obstacles can only be recognised and headed off through personal exchange. It's fundamental for us that we share relevant information transparently with one another. We are always ready to give and accept open, constructive feedback. We nurture an environment where everyone can feel comfortable expressing their opinion openly.

We respect
each other

We are always open, positive, and appreciative. We are convinced that different opinions, ideas, and approaches are key to any team's potential. For us, constructive exchange always means treating each other with respect. We want everyone to feel comfortable with us and enjoy coming to work every day!

We win as a team
We take ownership
We stay hungry
We are open and give & take feedback to learn
We respect each other

Get to know us

Get to know us

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