About the company

At Mister Spex, customers have access to an extensive range of over 100 attractive premium and luxury brands, trendy independent labels and high-quality private label brands, as well as selected designer and influencer collaborations. Thanks to the seamless and systematic omnichannel interlinking of online and offline offers, we create an individual shopping experience and, at the same time, give our customers the freedom to decide for themselves when, where and how they shop. Innovative technologies and smart, data-supported features play a central role in this.

As a driver of digital transformations, we have had a significant impact on the optics industry since the day we were founded. Today, Mister Spex is the leading, digitally native omnichannel optical brand in Europe with over five million customers. We operate online shops in ten countries, over 40 stores in Germany, Austria and Sweden, and a comprehensive network of over 400 partner opticians. Since our first year, our sales have been growing steadily in the double-digit percentage range, and, in the 2020 financial year, we were able to generate sales of 164 million euros with a positive adjusted EBITDA of around 7 million euros. While the overall market for glasses shrank by 8 percent in Germany in 2020, and, in Europe, by as much as 13 percent in revenue, Mister Spex was able to grow its sales by 18 percent in that same year, thus once again proving the sustained success of its omnichannel strategy, even in a challenging market environment.

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