Mister Spex: a Success Story

Around 40 million Germans need help seeing. Many people like to wear eyeglasses nowadays, unlike in the past, where they were often seen as a necessary evil rather than a fashion accessory. The less-than-welcoming attitudes of the past were also due to the high and extremely non-transparent prices charged for frames and lenses as well as a shopping experience that was often more clinical than emotionally appealing.

As the digital revolution began gathering steam, Dirk Graber asked himself whether and how customers could benefit from the emerging internet experience. His vision: to bring the advantages of e-commerce, i.e. a larger, immediately available range of looks and transparent price models, into optical retail and thus establish a new way of buying eyewear.

Our Vision
"We empower & inspire people to wear glasses with joy & confidence"
A vision becoming true

A vision becoming true

Together with Spreadshirt founder and business angel Lukasz Gadowski, Dirk Graber concretised his business model for an online optician and christened the company Mister Spex. Until then, the optical industry in Germany had completely ignored online sales. Also a part of the founding team: Björn Sykora, a friend of Graber's from his student days, and the two IT experts Philipp Frenkel and Thilo Hardt. Mister Spex was officially founded in December 2007, followed by the launch of the online shop in April 2008.

Education, advice, service: a brand establishes itself

Education, advice, service: a brand establishes itself

The biggest challenge for Mister Spex has always been to explain to consumers that buying glasses online is less complex than it might seem at first glance. Already in the early years, Mister Spex used TV commercials to show the process and the advantages of buying eyewear online. The message: buying glasses online is not only fun, but also convenient, simple, and secure. The innovative digital fitting of glasses in 3-D as well as smart search and filter functions based on such factors as the shape of the face and the width of the frames make the experience of finding a new pair of glasses fun.

From e-commerce to omnichannel player

From e-commerce to omnichannel player

Since 2011, Mister Spex has not only been offering products, but also additional services such as eye tests and individual eyewear adjustments. To this end, the company entered into partnerships with local opticians in order to respond to customer service requests. Today, Mister Spex now has over 300 partners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Sweden. In early 2016, Mister Spex opened its first offline store in Berlin's Alexa shopping centre. The company now operates over 70 of its own stores throughout Germany and Europe and has received multiple awards for its innovative business model.

The contemporary way to buy eyewear

The contemporary way to buy eyewear

Mister Spex is now active in ten European countries. In recent years, firms like Goldman Sachs have opted to invest in the company. Over 7.1 million satisfied customers have put their trust in the extensive services and high quality guaranteed by Mister Spex. The company employs over 1.300 people and has also been training apprentices since 2015. With its innovative omnichannel offerings, Mister Spex is perfectly positioned for the future. Online and offline.


Dec 2007

Company founded with support from business angels Lukasz Gadowski (Team Europe), Oliver Beste, and Karsten Schneider

Apr 2008

Mister Spex online shop in Germany goes live

May 2010

Mister Spex goes live in France

Aug 2010

Mister Spex now in the top 100 of online shops

Aug 2010

Mister Spex goes live in the UK

Oct 2010

Winner of the German Entrepreneur Award 2010 in the Start-Up category

Mar 2011

Mister Spex goes live in Spain

June 2011

Introduction of the virtual 3-D fitting

Aug 2011

Launch of the Mister Spex partner programme with local opticians in Germany

Nov 2011

Receives Award “Milestone in German Mail Order Business”

Apr 2012

Mister Spex launches in Sweden

Sep 2012

Named Online Shop of the Year for 2012

July 2013

Acquisition of Swedish eyewear shops Lensstore and Loveyewear

Jun 2014

Launch of the Mister Spex partner optician programme in Austria

Aug 2014

Named best online optician in a study by the EHI-Retail Institute

Jan 2015

Acquisition of Norwegian online shop

Mar 2015

Mister Spex goes live in Switzerland

Jul 2015

Mister Spex goes live in the Netherlands

Oct 2015

Launch of the Mister Spex partner optician programme in Switzerland

Feb 2016

Opening of the first Mister Spex store in Berlin

May 2016

Launch of the Mister Spex partner optician programme in the Netherlands

August 2016

Mister Spex wins 2016 Red Dot Award

Mar 2017

Mister Spex wins iF Design Award for offline store concept

Mar 2018

Launch of the Mister Spex partner optician programme in Sweden

Sep 2018

Named Germany's best online shop in the opticians category by the German Institute for Service Quality

Jul 2019

Opening of the optician training centre in Münster

Apr 2020

Go-Live of the first online vision test in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands

May 2020

Mister Spex store number 25 opens in Gießen

Dec 2020

Mister Spex acquires deep-tech company Tribe

Apr 2021

Opening of first store in Sweden (Stockholm)

Apr 2021

Opening of first store in Austria (Vienna)

2 July 2021

IPO of Mister Spex SE
(Photo: Deutsche Börse AG / Martin Joppen)

March 2022

Mister Spex store number 50 opens in Linz, Austria

November 2022

Opening of first store in Switzerland (Zurich)

April 2023

Mister Spex celebrates its 15th birthday

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