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At home, mobile or on site?

Every day we inspire our customers to find their new glasses with joy and confidence – no matter when, no matter how, no matter where. To do this, we often go down new paths. As an employer, we also regularly question our actions, always with the aim of supporting our teams in the best possible way to combine work and private life in a good and meaningful way. As a digital-driven and value-oriented company, it is important to us to create a sustainable working environment. We therefore incorporate the wishes of our employees into our decisions. This results in the following cornerstones, to which we align our everyday working life:

  • a maximum of flexibility and personal responsibility
  • consideration of individual needs and wishes
  • focus on the individual
  • space for personal contacts and events
Hybrid working: Tuesday to Thursday in the office ...

Hybrid working: Tuesday to Thursday in the office ...

Our credo is: the best of both worlds. Working together in the office or mobile working from home or on the road – we believe in the benefits of a balanced mix and have introduced office days only from Tuesday to Thursday for our commercial business areas.

Our IT, Product and Data teams come into the office for two days at least every other week. For those who would like to come to the office more often, this is of course possible – all employees can use an equipped workstation on site at any time.

... mobile domestically ...

... mobile domestically ...

By being as flexible as possible, we try to take individual needs into account as much as possible. All of our employees decide for themselves where they work from when they are not in the office. We only specify that this should always be within the country where the official workplace is located.

... and up to 1 month per year from abroad

... and up to 1 month per year from abroad

As Mister Spex is an international company with employees from all over the world, our concept of hybrid working also includes, in principle, the possibility of working up to one month per year abroad, thus combining work with a private trip or a family visit outside the official workplace location.

We win as a team

We win as a team

We want to enable our teams to have an attractive working environment. As always when we introduce something new, it is a process that will dynamically evolve through feedback & experience. And last but not least, we already have many more ideas in mind...

In everything we do, the most important thing is and always will be the #teamspex – and we are always looking for exciting talent to join our team. So feel free to look through our vacancies. SEE YOU at #teamspex!

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