Our Strategy

Mister Spex impresses with its multi-award-winning, digitally anchored omnichannel concept with seamless linking of online and offline offers. The advantage of our approach lies in the mutual strengthening of both channels, which creates valuable synergies.

An essential foundation for Mister Spex’s omnichannel success is its high level of brand awareness of over 70 percent.1) Thanks to the data- and technology-driven core of our business model, we are also continuously gathering valuable insights into the needs of our customers, thus developing a deep understanding of the market, which, in turn, forms the basis for our further expansion. This results in two crucial advantages: firstly, we know how and where to best get loyalty from our customers online and in our stores, and, secondly, the brand is already well established locally when we open a new store.

We are also expanding our target groups with our offline offers. By a digitally anchored purchase process, with a high proportion of educational formats, new customers in the stores are introduced to the online purchase process step by step, resulting in a very high repurchase rate via the online shop. At the same time, the share of online-only purchases without prior contact with the stores in regions where we are represented offline grows by more than 20 percent on average within three years after opening. The online and offline businesses stimulate each other, create valuable synergies and thus contribute significantly to the success of Mister Spex.

(1) 72% aided brand awareness, Q4 2020 Germany; online shoppers aged 18–59 years

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