Corporate Responsibility

We love Eyewear.
And we love, what we do.
We take responsibility for that.

Omnichannel commerce with vision

Society benefits in many ways from digitalisation. But it equally presents us with challenges, especially around the fast pace with which people consume goods. The logistical process behind every order is often not visible. And it doesn’t have to be. However, as a company we are responsible for making these processes effective and sustainable. For us, responsibility means: doing business successfully, but as sustainably as possible.

We have launched a number of important initiatives to strengthen our corporate responsibility in the optics industry and to equally meet the increasing demand for sustainable products. For our planet, for our fellow human beings and for a shared, secure future. This is what we are working hard for and giving our best every day.

Corporate Responsibility Mister Spex

Our environment

The sustainable use of our planet's resources is one of our central concerns. The conscious use of resources should be the basis of our business decisions and enable our customers to make sustainable purchasing decisions. We are working hard to make our product range more sustainable. We have set ourselves ambitious goals, which we will pursue consistently and communicate transparently.

Corporate Responsibility Mister Spex

Our people

As an international and dynamic growth company, Mister Spex is one of the most innovative employers in the optical industry. More than 1,000 employees are our most valuable asset. With their commitment, their enthusiasm, their spirit, they have made Mister Spex what we are today and every day they make an enormous contribution to our further development. Accordingly, we are aware of the great responsibility we bear for our employees. Diversity, variety, tolerance and individual support are integral components of our strategy, which are also reflected in our values and determine our actions and our corporate culture.

Corporate Responsibility Mister Spex

Our community

Whether locally or internationally – we at Mister Spex are involved in a variety of social projects and want to make our contribution to making the world a better place. We are particularly proud of the ideas of our employees, who initiate many social activities on their own. However, social cooperation does not only include social commitment, but also trusting cooperation within the framework of partnerships and supplier relationships as well as ensuring our product quality, adherence to data protection and rules of conduct and compliance.

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