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Training the next generation is very important to us, which is why there every department at Mister Spex offers opportunities for young people to gain valuable initial experiences in their professional lives. Whether you come here on an internship, as a part-timer while at university, or as an apprentice, we are happy to accompany you on your way.

Internal networking and cooperation in #teamspex are important to us. That’s why we organise regular team events so that all interns, students, and trainees can also network, exchange, and support each other. In addition, as part of the behind-the-scenes program, you can also take a look at departments outside your field to get to know their work better and possibly consider alternative career paths.

Apprenticeships at Mister Spex

Apprenticeships at Mister Spex

In addition to training as an optician, you can also train at Mister Spex in many other departments, e.g. in warehouse logistics, dialogue marketing, systems administration, e-commerce, and office management. We accompany you in all important steps and are always in close contact with each other, in particular through your supervisor, the training supervisor and the HR department. As a special incentive, in addition to higher wages, we also offer special certificate awards for particularly good performance.

Interns and student workers

Interns and student workers

Students can also get started at Mister Spex. We have part-time positions for university student in almost all areas and we also offer the possibility of setting up both required and voluntary internships that could last several months. And whether you're here as an intern or working here while completing your degree, you will be actively supporting Mister Spex in its day-to-day operations, assume responsibility, and be an important team member. You always have the opportunity to participate in our internal behind-the-scenes programme and get insights into other departments. You can also use the offers of our internal academy to expand your knowledge.

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