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Mister Spex is one of the most modern and innovative employers for opticians. The professional expertise of our opticians is indispensable in all areas of the company. From the store to customer service to the manufacture of the glasses, opticians handle many different duties and enjoy a wide range of development opportunities at Mister Spex.

With our omnichannel strategy, we combine the advantages of the online and offline world not only for our customers. This also applies to our professional opticians. For us, the craft is an important, but not the only focus. Digitalisation is our passion and that is why we use the latest technologies for refractions, calculating the pupillary distance, and the automated grinding of lenses with the help of innovative edgers in order to offer our customers the highest-quality products and services.

Experts across the company

Experts across the company

Our opticians contribute their expertise not just in stores where they personally provide customers with advice and help them select new eyewear. They also work in many other departments as experts, for example in customer service, or put their technical skills and craftsmanship to work in our master workshop in Berlin. Other opticians help with the procurement of the latest eyewear trends for our produce range. Opticians enjoy many varied opportunities to work at Mister Spex.

Find your own career path as an optician

Find your own career path as an optician

We offer our opticians numerous advanced training courses in-house so that you can further develop your skills and continuously learn new things. There are also various career opportunities within the company. For example, we help our opticians take the required external training to become masters in their field. Other opportunities offer the chance to advance at the team leader level.

Dialogue always

Dialogue always

The aim of Mister Spex is to make the purchase of eyewear a simple and transparent shopping experience for our customers. This same goal also applies internally. Since our opticians work in different teams, they are always in close contact with colleagues with other specialisms. This is not only a great opportunity to think outside the box and learn new things, but it also allows you to share your own expertise with others, to pass on knowledge, and help clarify ambiguities. Working in a team and learning from each other are very important to us.

I really enjoy the direct customer contact.

“As an optician in one of the Mister Spex stores, I represent the company in person and am available to offer our customers personal advice. I chose to work for Mister Spex because I felt I had moved beyond the traditional eyewear business. The combination of online and off as well as the stylish Mister Spex stores made me curious. I feel comfortable here!"

Johanne Blume

I took a chance and applied.

“I work in category management and my main job is to choose the products for our stores. Before I came to Mister Spex, I worked in the traditional eyewear industry for almost 20 years. What I particularly like about my work at Mister Spex is the variety. Thanks to the trust placed in me and the freedom I am given, I have the opportunity to develop myself independently.”

Benny Bendt

I like helping our customers.

“I chose Mister Spex because I can work here in a future-orientated way and my working hours still leave me time to rest and have fun with my family. As an optician in customer service, I mainly deal with specific customer inquiries that require an optician's expertise. I appreciate the colourful mix of character and experience on the team, because each colleague brings individual talents and expertise that I can learn from.”

Doreen Skupski

Appreciating craftsmanship.

“I manage and organise the training workshop for our apprentice opticians in Münster. Every trainee is different, so my job never gets boring. Craftsmanship, theoretical knowledge, young love, all of this shapes my everyday life as an instructor. At Mister Spex, I love the flat hierarchies, the open culture, and the quick decision-making processes, which make it easier for me to work independently and to implement my own ideas in my daily work. I also find the regular exchange, mutual feedback, and support in our team of trainers important so that we can constantly improve."

Kai Badura Hetzel

I enjoy the craftsmanship the most!

“I am a senior optician in the workshop and assembly at Mister Spex's logistics site. I install lenses, grind and produce drilling glasses, and check finished orders before they are shipped to the customer. The craftsmanship is what I like most about my job. It's just nice to have a finished product in your hands at the end of the day. Trained craftsmen also work here and I am happy to assist them with any questions. It's especially nice when colleagues become close friends."

Reni Borisova

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