Tech, Product & Data

Tech, Product & Data
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The online shop is the heart of Mister Spex. We are using data analytics to transfer our digital tools and processes increasingly to the brick-and-mortar eyewear shopping experience. This means that everything we develop should be designed to help our customers find the perfect glasses or sunglasses easily, quickly, and with fun, in the web shop as well as in person. With innovative technology and agile methods, our development and product management teams are hard at work continuously optimising the customer journey and also growing their own knowledge and expertise.

We do more than e-commerce

We do more than e-commerce

Technology and data play a fundamental role at Mister Spex. They are fundamental to making the purchase of eyewear radically easier, innovative, and individualised for our customers. We work across all teams and departments in an agile, cross-functional, and data-driven manner with methods such as Scrum, Kanban, and end-to-end responsibility as integral parts of our day-to-day work. We use digital solutions and up-to-date analyses to create efficient and scalable processes that optimally network the shopping experience in our online shop and in the Mister Spex stores. To ensure this, we not only use known systems and applications, but also develop individual solutions in-house based on state-of-the-art technologies.

We learn from one another

We learn from one another

We also think outside the box. We regularly exchange information on the latest tech trends at conferences and in expert talks with other industry specialists. However, it is even more important to us to exchange information with one another: in sprint reviews, as part of the internal Navision and Intershop Academy, and as part of interdisciplinary and cross-functional teams together with marketing and on-site managers. We are convinced that the greatest wealth of knowledge and experience is found right here in our own ranks.

Treating each other with respect and as equals

Treating each other with respect and as equals

We are multi-cultural! We have people from 15 different countries working in IT, product management, and business intelligence; 60 different nationalities, meanwhile, are represented across the entire company. Our teams always meet as peers and provide cross-functional support. In addition to working together each and every day, we also share experiences after work. We embrace flat hierarchies and are proud to maintain a certain start-up spirit despite our size.

Our employees blog regularly on our Mister Spex Tech blog at:


  • React

  • Node.js

  • JavaScript

  • Java

  • Kubernetes

  • MS Azure

  • jest

  • CodeceptJS

  • AWS Lambda

  • Angular

  • AWS EC

  • Docker

  • Amazon EKS

  • next

  • Oracle DB

  • AWS

  • GitLab CI

  • Webtrekk

  • intershop

  • Solr

  • JUnit

  • graylog

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