Lensstore is now called Mister Spex. As of today, Europe’s most successful online optician will be operating under a common brand identity in Sweden as well.

  • 20. Jan. 2017

The Berlin-based European market leader in the online optician sector acquired, back in 2012, a majority stake in Swedish market leader Lensstore. We have now jointly decided, after four years of successful cooperation, to go for a uniform corporate identity under the umbrella of the “Mister Spex” brand. The thinking behind this has stemmed, along with other factors, from the idea that the latest price-to-performance standards applying to glasses should now be associated with a single, consistent brand identity present throughout Europe. Our Scandinavian business operation will continue to develop on this basis.

“The fact that Lensstore will now be operating under the name of Mister Spex is a very important next step for our company”, explains Dr Mirko Caspar, the managing director of Mister Spex. “We have been working intensively on the integration of our entire IT infrastructure over the past few months, and all the processes concerned now operate together within a joint system. This merger will not just benefit our Scandinavian customers in terms of new price-to-performance standards and Europe’s largest immediately available range of glasses and sunglasses; it will also let them use additional features like our 2D and 3D try-on service and carry out easy product-searches from their own home computers.”

The steadily growing e-commerce market in Scandinavia offers the ideal basis for successful expansion of the Mister Spex brand. “We would also like to establish a new way of buying glasses in Scandinavia in the long term”, continues Mr Caspar, describing the company’s plans. After setting up individual websites for Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK, Mister Spex now has an active Swedish presence at www.misterspex.se – with Finland and Norway to follow shortly.

Mister Spex has managed to recruit two outstanding senior managers to head its Nordic business division. They will continue to develop and expand Mister Spex in Scandinavia, working in close cooperation with the management team in Berlin. Nils Rådström and Johan Nordström, who both count on many years’ experience of digital business models and the retail trade, along with the development of brands and companies in the Nordic countries, will be taking over, as of 1st February 2017, as CEO and Managing Director respectively, with responsibility for managing business in Sweden, Finland and Norway. “We are happy to be taking this decisive step together with our colleagues at Mister Spex in Berlin, and feel that this cooperation under a single brand identity marks a milestone in the development of the Swedish optician sector”, says a satisfied Nils Rådström, the new CEO of Mister Spex Sweden. Fredrik Malm and Patrik Hamilton, who have run Lensstore to date, will be leaving the company at the end of March 2017 to take up new career challenges.

The launch of the Mister Spex brand in Sweden means that customers can now take advantage of various additional services that were not previously available in Scandinavia. Mister Spex offers the largest, immediately available range of glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses; all easily and conveniently ready to order at the click of a mouse, with a free home try-on service and top-quality lenses at attractive, transparent prices – with average savings of 50%.

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