Mister Spex celebrates 15 years of optician expertise with multimedia campaign that puts employees in the spotlight

  • 16. May. 2023

Mister Spex celebrates 15 years of optician expertise with multimedia campaign that puts employees in the spotlight

  • Since its founding, Mister Spex has continuously outperformed the growth and sales figures of the ophthalmic market
  • The birthday campaign under the headline “15 years of optician expertise” portrays employees from various departments
  • The pictures and videos are now visible on various channels
  • From 1 June, a curated birthday collection will be available in a second campaign phase and a raffle will be launched in the stores

Mister Spex SE, Europe’s leading digitally-driven omnichannel optician, has been active on the market for a good 15 years now. Even when the online shop was launched in Germany in April 2008, the aim was to make buying glasses easy, intuitive and innovative, and to make buying the perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses a pleasure. That’s exactly what’s still true today. To celebrate the milestone, Mister Spex is launching a multi-week multimedia campaign on 16 May 23 that portrays various employees and playfully focuses on the Berlin-based company’s optician expertise.

From start-up to leading digitally-driven omnichannel optical brand in Europe

In December 2007, four young men, including today’s co-CEO Dirk Graber, founded the company Mister Spex. Within a very short time, they proved what had long seemed impossible and successfully sold optical products over the internet. Dirk Graber remembers: “When I went to the optician at that time, I always found buying extremely annoying. I couldn’t try on any glasses, was always immediately involved in a sales talk and ended up paying a price that was incomprehensible to me. At Mister Spex, we did all that differently with transparent prices for frames and lenses and a no-obligation try-on at home. We got very good feedback from our customers right from the start.”

Mister Spex gradually expanded into new countries, significantly expanded its product range and proved its digital pioneering role in ophthalmic optics with the introduction of innovative technologies such as the virtual glasses fitting and, most recently, the online eye test. A major milestone, which went hand in hand with a strategic reorientation, was the opening of the first own store in Berlin in February 2016. The online optician became an omnichannel optician. “We knew that selling glasses online worked well, but we had learned so many things that we wanted to transfer to the physical retail business,” explains co-CEO Mirko Caspar. “So, we designed a store where the assortment follows the logic of our web shop, while offering the same transparent prices and giving direct access to the models.” Mister Spex now operates 74 stores in four countries and seamlessly links the online and offline offerings at all touchpoints. This allows customers to conveniently decide for themselves when, where and how they purchase their favourite product, all based on a central customer account.

Since its founding, Mister Spex has grown by double-digit percentages in its first 14 years and regularly exceeds the growth and sales figures of the optical market. The company, which has been listed on the stock exchange since July 2021, now employs more than 1,300 people and has been training people in various areas, including ophthalmic optics, since 2015.

Birthday campaign lasting several weeks with employees in focus

On 16 May, the eleven-week birthday campaign starts under the heading “15 years of optician expertise”. Employees from different departments and in different functions were put in the spotlight for this in various pictures and videos with confetti, balloons, and of course special glasses and sunglasses. The campaign starts from now on online in all countries and on the social media channels of Mister Spex and will celebrate different highlights in several phases. The content will playfully illustrate the competencies and services of the omnichannel optician with claims such as “15 years and more style expertise than Fashion Week” or “15 years and the smartest services cleverly linked both online and offline”. At the same time, Mister Spex will be using the seal of Deutschland Test and Focus Money for the first time from 16 May, which awarded the optician the title of “Company of the Year 2023” in its analysis of customer satisfaction.

In a second campaign phase, a curated birthday collection will be presented in the online shop and in the stores from 1 June. The eyewear and sunglasses reflect the product diversity from attractive own brands, popular perennial favourites and hip independent and luxury brands and show the most sought-after models that were most frequently added to the shopping baskets. A birthday competition with over 15,000 prizes will also be launched in the stores in June. And there are also a few surprises in store for employees.

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Founded in 2007, Mister Spex SE (together with its subsidiaries, “Mister Spex”) is a multi-award-winning company that has become the leading digitally native omnichannel optician in Europe. Mister Spex has been at the forefront of the industry’s transformational shift, growing from a pure online player into a successful omnichannel optician with more than 7.1 million customers, 10 online shops across Europe and physical retail stores. A digital native, technology and innovation have always been an integral part of the company’s evolution, from 2D to 3D digital frame fitting tools to intelligent browsing functionalities. The focus of Mister Spex is to make eyewear purchase for customers an easy, transparent and fun shopping experience by combining a comprehensive and varied range of high-quality products with optician expertise and services through its customer service, own stores and an extensive network of partner opticians.

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