Mister Spex opens three new stores in Germany and Austria in April

  • 05. Apr. 2023

Mister Spex opens three new stores in Germany and Austria in April

  • The store in Würzburg, Bavaria, opens on 5 April 2023
  • In the Austrian city of Graz, the doors open on 13 April 2023
  • The store in Augsburg opens on 19 April 2023 and is the 74th Mister Spex store in total

Mister Spex, Europe’s leading digitally driven omnichannel optician, is excited to announce the opening of three new stores in April, bringing the total number of stores to 74 across Europe. The new stores will be located in Würzburg (Germany), Graz (Austria), and Augsburg (Germany) and are part of Mister Spex’s continued expansion of their store network to offer additional local services in more cities.

In addition to showcasing Mister Spex’s extensive selection of eyewear, including their own brand and designer and independent labels, the new stores will also offer customers the opportunity to do eye exams with trained opticians. This will ensure that customers are getting the current correct prescription for their glasses or contact lenses.

“Our new stores are designed to provide customers with a complete eye care experience,” said Mirko Caspar, Co-CEO of Mister Spex. “In addition to our wide range of eyewear, our stores offer customers the convenience of getting personal advice, adjustments for the perfect fit of glasses or sunglasses and they can do eye exams with our trained opticians. This allows us to satisfy all our customers’ eye care needs on the spot.”

Mister Spex’s new stores are designed to seamlessly connect with their online shop, allowing customers to easily purchase their favorite frames and lenses online or in-store. Customers can also benefit from Mister Spex’s innovative services, such as their virtual try-on tool, which allows customers to try on glasses from the comfort of their own home.

The new stores will open on April 5th in Würzburg, April 13th in Graz (ShoppingCity Seiersberg), and April 19th in Augsburg (City-Galerie). Mister Spex looks forward to welcoming customers to their new stores and helping them find their perfect pair of glasses.


Addresses and opening hours of the new Mister Spex stores:


Mister Spex Store Würzburg (starting 5 April 2023)

Schönbornstraße 4-6

97070 Würzburg

Mon.- Sat.: 10:00 am till 07:00 pm


Mister Spex Store Graz (ShoppingCity Seiersberg) (starting 13 April 2023)

Seiersberg 1-9

8055 Seiersberg-Pirka

Mon.- Fr.: 09:00 am till 07:30 pm
Sat.: 09:00 am till 06:00 pm


Mister Spex Store Augsburg (City-Galerie) (starting 19 April 2023)

Willy-Brandt-Platz 1

86153 Augsburg

Mon.- Sat.: 09:30 am till 08:00 pm

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Founded in 2007, Mister Spex SE (together with its subsidiaries, “Mister Spex”) is a multi-award-winning company that has become the leading digitally native omnichannel optician in Europe. Mister Spex has been at the forefront of the industry’s transformational shift, growing from a pure online player into a successful omnichannel optician with more than 7.1 million customers, 10 online shops across Europe and physical retail stores. A digital native, technology and innovation have always been an integral part of the company’s evolution, from 2D to 3D digital frame fitting tools to intelligent browsing functionalities. The focus of Mister Spex is to make eyewear purchase for customers an easy, transparent and fun shopping experience by combining a comprehensive and varied range of high-quality products with optician expertise and services through its customer service, own stores and an extensive network of partner opticians.

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